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Here are some of the common questions media companies ask us…

Yes, or your sales team can use the TAP platform to pre-sell your inventory to advertisers by subscription.

No. TAP doesn’t need to share your live avails with subscribers. Your TAP subscribers will have access to a list of every single product you sell, at a set price, depending on their subscription level. At the time of placing their Campaign Plan, your team can check avails.

No. TAP collects a small fee on subscription revenue generated by the platform. All members are required to pay each month of their subscription in advance, at which time TAP collects this fee.

Yes. In fact you will constantly have a hand on your TAP metrics to drive demand or price as needed.

Yes. How much inventory you release on TAP is limited by the number of subscribers you allow. You can increase or decrease the number of available subscriptions as required.

Yes. The TAP team are amongst the worlds most experienced, reputable and skilled media sales professionals and coaches.

Either in person or by video call, a regional principal from TAP will take you and your team through the TAP platform within about 30 minutes. You can ask questions and share your own requirements and insights so the TAP team can make sure TAP does the job you need done.

Every media partnership with TAP is the result of a thorough analysis of your products and open rate pricing to ensure the TAP methodology plays its role in driving demand and yield returns for your precious inventory. If we cannot guarantee results, we do not proceed. It costs you nothing to set up TAP and give it a try but it does cost us, so we are careful to ensure a good fit.




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